Always get the .com

Nowadays you can easily buy out-of-the-box domain name such .ninja or .bar, it is important to own .com first, especially with exact name of your business in it. With today vast internet adoption, getting a domain that exactly match your business name is really hard. Most of the time a person out there already bought it and it is not available anymore.

Brand (rather than) keyword

While it is in fact keyword in your domain affecting the SEO performance, it always the best practice to prioritize brand first. When you push to merge keyword in your domain name it will become much longer name and we don’t want long domain name. Also it will become generic and feel untrustworthy. Never put SEO above brand, because at the end of the day it’s useless to be the first in search result while it looks untrustworthy.

Unique, short & memorable name

What is better than short and easy to remember name? Amazon, Google, Apple, are short easy to remember name. But then finding a short name, leave alone unique and memorable one, is truly hard. Most of them are claimed and unavailable. But not to worry, believe it or not there are a lot of short, unique and memorable domain name out there that has not been claimed.

Avoid double letter and hypens

Since the domain name can not contain space, double letter word will be hard to read. Unless it’s one word domain name, for example Hypens is also the thing we should avoid if possible. It’s always an unpleasant experience when you type domain name that has hypen in it. Hypens is also oftenly mistaken and as a result creating typo and going to different website.

Domain name is a brand asset

Always remember that domain name is one if important asset of your brand, especially in today’s digital era. Reserving the one that match with your brand name is really important. As we treat domain name as a brand, you’ll realized that name is not merely descriptive but also distinctive. creating a differentiation among your competition is always essential thing in branding, most importantly in brand name.